Thursday, May 2, 2013


These delightful little birds have been regular visitors during the last few days, obsessed with the task of collecting nesting material. Initially they were pulling out the strands of coconut matting from the liner of a hanging basket but then their attention turned to some lovely soft, downy, Kapok. It is likely that the coconut fibre would be used in the construction of the outer structure of the nest and that the Kapok was then used to provide a warm and cosy lining.

I did not see any of the Goldfinches yesterday and so far none have been observed today, this could indicate that the nest building is complete. I wonder if they will return or if their visits were solely for the collecting of the nesting material?

Picture of Goldfinch collecting nesting material
The Goldfinch takes a liking to this soft, white, fluffy stuff.

"This will make a lovely warm nest"

"If only I could pull these strands apart"

"Ah that's better, this could be just right"

"Oh yes, the wife will love me for this"


  1. Thanks Dawn, they are cute little birds. They've stopped coming now, I think they must have finished the nest. Hope they come back soon.