Sunday, May 5, 2013

Goldfinch Pictures

Here are a few more Pictures of the Goldfinch that I managed to snap while he was collecting nesting material. I know they are not good from a photographic point of view, but I could only get the range using the 10x zoom on my video camera and using the stills facility. I wanted to capture the Goldfinches from an interest point of view  and to have a record of their activity in the garden.

One interesting observation I did make, was that while the bird pictured was busy gathering together a beak-full of material, its mate would be close by as though keeping guard. This could be a strategy they use so that one bird can concentrate fully on the task while the other one is the lookout watching for any signs of danger.

Goldfinch pictures number 1
The Goldfinch thinks this is going to be lovely for lining the nest

Goldfinch Pictures number 2
He finds it's not so easy to pull apart and gather in manageable pieces
Goldfinch Pictures number 3
The Goldfinch is pulling hard but that one last strand just will not break
Goldfinch Pictures number 4
The Goldfinch things he looks quite handsome sporting this nice white beard
Goldfinch Pictures number 5
A beady eye, but will he really fly carrying all that?

Well yes, actually he did.

Goldfinch Pictures.

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