Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Snow Frost Ice equals Birds

The past weekend saw a return of temperatures below zero, a heavy frost on Sunday morning then snow falling throughout Sunday night. Despite the weather forecast showing clear skies over us on Monday, the snow became heavier well into the afternoon.

The birds were back. I have written before about how the appearance of my garden birds depends very much on the weather. Obviously an abundance of food keeps them occupied elsewhere when the conditions are right but come a cold spell and their search for food brings them here.

The snow yesterday presents a problem for the birds, they cannot access food hidden by a layer of snow.

Snow in the garden, covering the bird bath and the feeders.

So first job was to clear the bird bath and make sure a good supply of clean water was available, water is essential to the survival of the birds. Next clear the bird table and the feeder of the snow and put out some food.

The weight of the snow had bent the bamboo over creating a nice sheltered area where I could clear the snow and put down some mealworms.

Some sheltered places cleared of snow, perfect for putting down some lovely mealworms.

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