Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Cold & Frosty Morning

Saturday just gone, started out as a very Cold and Frosty Morning. So cold in fact that the water in the bird bath was frozen into a solid block of ice. The coldest so far and the type of morning when I really feel for my garden birds.

Right on cue, as though summoned to appear because of the icy white conditions, a Robin flew into the garden. This was the first Robin I had seen here since early in the summer.

I got the distinct impression ( it could of course be all in my imagination) that this red breasted little fellow was new to our garden and had a great time exploring all the nooks and crannies and features with natural bird appeal. All the leaf litter left where it falls, fallen apples and lettuce leaves left to rot beneath the apple trees, become a larder filled with grubs and insects, a natural larder of bird food. In addition we have the Bamboo and shrubs with no name that still retain their leaves and provide an area of safety and adventure.

The Robin seemed to be suitably impressed because it stayed in the garden throughout the morning and was still to be seen on the Sunday morning before we headed out to visit or daughter.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Blue Tits Say Hello

So I had the thought that the birds were becoming very friendly and wanted to get to know me. I wrote yesterday about the Blackbird that came up onto the patio and was looking at me (well in my direction) through the glass of the patio doors. 

Well, there I was today, in the kitchen looking out of the window when hoppity hop along the clothes line, which is attached at one end to the brickwork above the said window, came a Blue Tit doing a very good impression of a tight rope walker. Another two Blue tits were searching through what is left of the foliage on the Pear tree but this little blue and yellow fellow, was a mere couple of inches (that's something else in centimetres) away from the top right hand corner of the window looking in at me.

How delightful I thought, I wonder what it is trying to tell me. Maybe how glad it is to be back here and what a lovely garden I have. Or maybe it wants to compliment me on my choice of fat balls and seed mix that it has enjoyed partaking of.

I must admit to being a little dissapointed to notice that right in the corner between the window frame and the brickwork was one of those fluffy kinds of spiders web and that was where the Blue Tits interest lay.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Blackbird On An Autumn Monday

A jotting from Monday.
A Monday morning in Autumn and I am using my Aspire netbook on the glass topped dining table while looking out onto the garden through the patio doors. It looks very damp out there and maybe a little on the cold side, just the sort of conditions that will aggravate my arthritis. I am happy to be inside, feeling nice and warm.

A lone Blackbird has hopped up onto the patio decking in that typical Blackbird run and hop sort of way. He peered in (yes I am sure he was having a deliberate peep) through one of the gaps of the slightly angled vertical blinds. It is at this point that I become fully aware of his presence, but as I stare back in an attempt to have a decent look at this bird, our eyes meet and in an instant he is gone.

What I could not get a good look at because he flitted away so quickly, was the colouration of his plumage. He, and I was of the opinion that this bird was a he, was not completely black as a normal British Blackbird male would be. It seemed to be wearing a somewhat large proportion of brown feathers, but now that he has gone I can not bring to mind exactly what he did look like. I find that the memory of such a brief encounter fades so fast.

I think it is possible that it could be a young male in the process of the moult and so changing his attire from the brown and speckled feathers of the young bird to the deep black plumage of the adult. But, and this is where I am not certain until I can get a better look when it surely will return, it could be one of the Brown Headed blackbirds that we had visit us here last winter. They are a different species of European Blackbird that come (and this is off the top of my head and could be quite wrong) from Northern Europe.

I will look to see if I managed to get any pictures of those unusual Blackbirds from last winter or if I made any notes about them. Meanwhile I will eagerly await their return.

Note: Wednesday 24 October. Since Monday I have not been at home much in the daytime and even then have had but a very cursory glance into the garden. Tomorrow I should be spending the day at home and will look out once more through the patio doors, in the hope of seeing more of my garden birds.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Woodpigeon | Wet & Windy

The Woodpigeon sat with feathers fluffed up to preserve body heat, the morning had started out cold and damp.

This Woodpigeon, whether new to our garden or not I am not sure, has taken a liking to this bare Cordyline tree. It likes to rest here having partaken of the seed in the garden and watch the world go by.

The Pigeon sat tight as the intensity of the wind increased, becoming quite blustery at times.

A sudden gust of wind almost blew it from its resting place, but it had a firm grip on the branch.

As it settled back down, the Woodpigeon had a look around, the way you do, to see if anyone was watching.