Friday, December 7, 2012

Latest Update | My Garden Birds

Over on my other blog "Life With Woodpecker" I recently wrote about the problems I had encountered with my various computing/internet devices. Well my tales of woe I am afraid did not stop there. With everything up and running once more, I was eager to get back to posting updates on the subject of my garden birds.

Using the longer range zoom of my video camera along with the burst mode feature, I acquired quite a number of decent pictures of various species of birds in the garden. I even had some amusing shots of our local Grey Squirrel. I know I transferred them off my sd card but when I came to upload them onto this blog, I could not locate them anywhere. I literary spent hours trying to find them, searching through every directory on my notebook, on my desktop, even on Mrs Peckers laptop (because I had been sorting through pictures of our recent trip to Jersey on there) and every datastick and sd card I had. They seem to have completely disappeared.

I have tried to get a few more today but somehow I feel they are not as good.

This Woodpigeon always sits in his food.

The Robin put in an appearance again today. 

Another Woodpigeon enjoying some seed on the bird table.

This juvenile woodpigeon is waiting to tuck in but is wary of the adult below.

A juvenile Blackbird takes advantage of the food on offer.

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