Tuesday, December 11, 2012

House Sparrows

With the onset of the cold weather, a greater number of  birds have been appearing in the garden. The House Sparrows visit throughout the day eating seed and enjoying the fat balls.
I wrote recently of the  problems I was experiencing with my gadgets, well the situation gets worse. I seem to have trouble with my camera. I suspect that the lens might be kaput. The pictures I have shot during the last few days have been taken with the "still capture" mode of my video camera or with my Nokia phone.
The video camera has a good optical zoom but the quality is not very good.

Here the House Sparrow is joined by a Coal Tit
 On top of this feeder is a conveniently placed fat ball
 I always place the feeders close to a tree for easier access and safety
" Is anyone there?"
 Tucking in to the fat ball
 Taking a rest and letting the food go down
Looks like there's not much more of this fat ball left 

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