Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Cold & Frosty Morning

Saturday just gone, started out as a very Cold and Frosty Morning. So cold in fact that the water in the bird bath was frozen into a solid block of ice. The coldest so far and the type of morning when I really feel for my garden birds.

Right on cue, as though summoned to appear because of the icy white conditions, a Robin flew into the garden. This was the first Robin I had seen here since early in the summer.

I got the distinct impression ( it could of course be all in my imagination) that this red breasted little fellow was new to our garden and had a great time exploring all the nooks and crannies and features with natural bird appeal. All the leaf litter left where it falls, fallen apples and lettuce leaves left to rot beneath the apple trees, become a larder filled with grubs and insects, a natural larder of bird food. In addition we have the Bamboo and shrubs with no name that still retain their leaves and provide an area of safety and adventure.

The Robin seemed to be suitably impressed because it stayed in the garden throughout the morning and was still to be seen on the Sunday morning before we headed out to visit or daughter.

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