Saturday, May 19, 2012

Starlings a little more

These same Starlings continue to drop into the garden to feed. Since their first observed arrival mentioned in my previous post, it has been easy to identify the family group as being four fledgelings accompanied and looked after by two "adults". On that first occasion they were among a larger group of Starlings and other birds busily feeding. I have since been able to see them swoop down many times throughout the day to take advantage of the food on offer.

Meanwhile an adult pair of Starlings who I presume to be the parents of this group, are forever mating, on the fence, on the garage, on the rooftops, going "at it" all through the day starting the next brood no doubt.

While all of the youngsters seem to enjoy taking a rest in our garden during some brief moments when their appetite has been satisfied, there is one that I do fear for. This cute little fellow likes to stand on a small patch of grass where he cannot possibly have a clear view of an approaching predator and tends to remain there when all it's siblings have departed.

I think four young, brown, European Starlings might soon become three.

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  1. Starling is such a cute bird! Love this bird :)