Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Garden Birds | This Week

Looking back at the week with my Garden Birds.

It's been a funny old week - weatherwise that is - one minute it's sunshine, then heavy downpours of rain, then the next thing you know, out comes the sun again. But wind, rain or shine, nothing on the weather front stops the birds from visiting the garden.

Reflecting on the past week, it has been a rare moment indeed to look out on the back garden and not see a bird of some description.
More often there have been birds too numerous to count. The poulations of House Sparrow and Starling continue to swell with the appearance of yet more, newly fledged youngsters.

A rare sight one day was a young House Sparrow, fresh from the nest, but with white wing and tail feathers (pictures to follow shortly). I have never seen such colours on a Sparrow before. My immediate thought on seeing this cute little fellow was it's chance of survival, it will surely stand out as a target for any predator. In fact since that day when I observed it for maybe 30 minutes, I have not seen it again.

Blackbirds, adult and young, male and female, have called in regularly for a feed, often taking advantage of the natural food to be found in the garden. The frequent showers have proved very popular with these visitors who love nothing better than to grub around in the dirt, uncovering worms, insects and all manner of creepie crawlies lured to the surface of the ground by the rain. The Blackbirds also have a liking for desert, especially the Strawberries which seem to dissapear the moment they are ripe.

Woodpigeons have continued to visit throughout the day but I have no idea how many individuals there might be. I'm sure that I can now recognise one or two of the regular "Woodies" while I suspect that some of them are transient birds. This view is supported by the territorial battles that sometimes take place. Two of the young Woodpigeons who are regular visitors are growing nicely and losing that gangly "big beak and ugly duckling" appearance.

The Collared Doves are still around but I have only seen occasional glimpses of them. The House Sparrows and Starlings dominate the feeders at the moment and I have not seen any of the tit species in the garden for over two weeks now. Of course they could be coming when I am not around but I suspect that they have been crowded out and gone elsewhere.

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  1. you seem to take really good care of your birds, and so many Starlings.