Thursday, June 9, 2011

Starlings | Young birds in my Garden

Following our holiday in Devon last week, we have returned to find that there are a large number of young birds in our garden. Starlings and House Sparrows to be precise. Another recent report has stated that these two species of garden birds are still in rapid decline. I guess we must have more than our fair share of them because there are so many it is impossible to even hazard a guess at the number.

Constantly throughout the day they come to feed, drink and bathe then fly off to rest, often in the large conifer tree situated in the garden diagonally behind us.

I have not had a serious attempt at taking photos of them and they are easily spooked, so it is not possible to get close, most of my sightings are through the kitchen window or patio. I did however shoot a bit of video of the Starlings yesterday evening when they came down to feed and I have included a few stills off the video here.

Feed me Mummy

Young Starlings feeding

These young Starlings are not speaking

This group of young Starlings have found the meal worms in the basket. There are more birds in the basket out of sight.

This little group found some more meal worms that were hidden in the garden for the blackbirds.

This young Starling found a rare moment of having the fat ball to itself,

then promptly fell asleep.

I know the quality of these pics is not very good but I thought I would share with you a brief glimpse of some of these young birds which are visiting our garden. I am now trying to remember how to edit and convert my video footage. When I have got my head into gear around that I will upload a short video with a little more action.

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  1. They certainly are greedy little blighters. There seems to be no shortage of Starlings here.