Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Garden Birds

The garden seems to be empty of birds at the moment, maybe due to the alarm that has been driving us daft for the last 20 mins, or the window cleaner who has come next door, or maybe next doors dog barking. Having said that, my garden birds have become so used to the dog barking that they all now seem to take no notice of it at all.

Just a moment ago the garden was awash with birds as it so often is lately. We once more have the local birds kindergarten. They come here to feed, drink, bathe, have dust baths and simply to play.

The majority of the young birds are Starlings and House Sparrows plus the occasional young Collared Dove and Wood Pigeon. As yet this year I have not seen any young Blackbirds but there is plenty of time. One adult male Blackbird was atop a conifer last evening giving out the distinctive Blackbird distress call, so I guess that there may well be a nest containing chicks close by.

At one point yesterday I did see a young Woodpigeon alongside five adults. I think that is the most I have seen at any one time actually in the garden.

I need to go into town and get more bird seed and fat balls again, they are getting through food at an alarming rate. It's really a small price to pay though.

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