Wednesday, June 15, 2011

House Sparrows | Young Bird Update

There are more and more young House Sparrows appearing in the garden, this morning some newly fledged babies were being fed by the parents. 

How many of these young House Sparrows are around at the moment I could not hazard a guess at. I have managed to count up to 15 at one go but there were more of them at the time hidden in the pear tree. Where they are all nesting I do not know, they seem to fledge from somewhere near and head straight for our food supply. They are coming and going all day long as are numerous young Starlings. I saw the first young Blackbird this morning and there were 2 young Wood pigeons last night.

I was disappointed at the weekend to have missed the fledging of a nest of House Sparrows that I did know the location of. The pair had found a small gap between the UPVC soffit board under the eaves at the corner of the house and immediately above the window of the small front bedroom that I use as my office. Somewhere inside the void they had decided to build a nest and I had watched them flying to and fro with the nest building materials.

I was expecting that the eggs would hatch when we were away in Devon and this was indeed the case. On our return noticed that the adults were flying to and fro but now their beaks carried food for the youngsters. On one occasion as I got out of my car the male sparrow cried out to me from the edge of the roof where he hopped around feigning distress, a distraction technique employed to entice me away from the nest site.

The young birds flew the nest last weekend at a time when I was not at home, I missed the moment. What's more, the young birds first flight was onto the sill of my office window, what a close up treat that would have been.

There are many squabbles on and around the feeders:


  1. O.K. not so long ago house sparrows did not get a mention they were so abundant and prolific,NOW their numbers are in serious decline people are rightfuly concerned.(Big belly ache)When a simple concerned mortal reported the drastic local decline in Mallards and their brood size ,I only had one reasonable reply. WHY are birders so SLOW to be concerned?

  2. I live in Canada and I have two nest boxes with house sparrows. My first baby fledged this evening - He is already flying around - I know they were introduced here but I really enjoy them - The baby is so cute.

  3. We have been having many young Sparrows coming into the garden to be fed by their parents. I do not actually know where they are all nesting, apart from one nest in our roof that is.
    Thanks for the comments.