Monday, May 9, 2011

Collared Dove Family

Since I first observed the Collared Dove family, they have been visiting the garden at least once every day. I have seen mum, dad and one youngster coming to feed at around the same time each evening.

I have no idea how old the young Dove might be, it is fully feathered and appears only slightly smaller than the adult birds. It lacks the black and white collar or band of the adult and as with other species of pigeons has a beak that looks too big for it. They seem to start life with a full size beak and then grow into it.

The little chap is able to eat grain off the feeder but still likes to be fed by its parents. At this age I do not think the parents are feeding "pigeon milk" but are simply transfering food from the crop. I imagine they will put a stop to this soon.

I have not as yet had a suitable oportunity to take a decent photograph, maybe I will be lucky before it grows up.

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