Friday, January 21, 2011

An Overnight Frost

An overnight frost had painted the garden white, the air was still, the sky clear, and it appeared to be very cold outside. Like yesterday, the bird bath was frozen and I could see from the patio doors that the bird table was empty, no food there for my garden birds.

I made ready the food and water, donned my coat and boots and braved the cold of another January morning. It was apparent that the birds had a good appetite yesterday, having cleared up all the spilt seed from the garden and devoured all the mealworms.

I must admit I did not hang about though, with food and water delivered, I hurried back inside where it was nice and warm.

By late morning I wondered that I had not observed much activity in the garden but ventured out once more with some scraps from the freshly baked, and home made, loaf. It was obvious that the birds had been to feed for unseen by me they had already eaten today's supply of mealworms and half of the seed from the bird table.

I hope the Blackbirds and Robin had managed to claim at least some of the mealworms and that the disappearance was not solely down to the ever hungry Starlings.

What started out as a cold and frosty morning turned into a beautiful, bright and sunny winters day. Many of my garden birds, Sparrows, Starlings, Woodpigeon and Collared Doves, sat on the outer branches of the "High Rise" conifer and bathed in the sunshine. The Starlings of course were evident by their incessant chatter and squabbling, the doves by the gentle soft cooing from the pair of "new kids on the block" who have fallen in love.

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