Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year day 2

This morning soaked bread put on the garage roof yesterday was being wolfed down by a flock of Starlings, Sparrows and Wood Pigeons. In no time at all there was not a trace to show that it had ever been there.

Starlings were soon all over the bird feeder pole and the bird table, fighting and squabbling, making their usual racket and tucking into the lardie cakes and fat balls. House sparrows then started to peck around on the ground seeking out all the fallen seed. Suddenly they would all fly up as one, startled by some sound or even a sudden movement from one of their own. A single Starling remained on the Pear tree chomping on the fat ball. He briefly looked around then went back to eating as though saying, "What is all the fuss about."

Soon the birds drifted back, a small group of House Sparrows dashed past and into the conifer, then out again, flying like Spitfires in formation, I am sure they were playing, having fun.

The Woodpigeon who is an expert at standing on the hanging basket and reaching into the bird feeder was here too, taking full advantage of the supply of fresh seed. A male Blackbird flew onto the fence then after a quick look around swooped down to the small area beneath the Bamboo where we put the seed, fruit and Mealworms. He had a good feed then departed quick as a flash over the fence from where he had first appeared.

I am going out soon so will not be able to watch any longer to see if the tits pay a visit, but I am happy to know that after my worries of yesterday, the garden and my Garden Birds, seem to be back to normal.

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  1. I'm pleased to see someone else has experienced their birds disappearing! I've written in my Blog about how ALL our garden birds suddenly disappeared for a few days. It was very strange to look out of the window and not see any at all.