Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Cute Fledgling House Sparrow

His dad led him to the safety of the Holly bush, and told him to stay there where he would be safe. such a cute little fledgling House Sparrow.

He kept watching out for his dad in the hope that he would soon return.

You can see from the yellow at the base of it's beak that this youngster has not been long from the nest.

After sitting in the sun and preening ones self, there is nothing quite like a good scratch.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crows are a Threat to My Garden Birds

I have been deliberating lately as to whether the Crows (see recent posts) are actually a significant threat to my garden birds, especially the youngsters.

The trio of Crows (The Crows Around my Garden) became four and have then been joined off and on by other itinerant individuals. I mentioned before how I found them amusing and enjoyed watching their antics and comic displays but began to be worried by the lack of baby birds appearing in the garden.

 I did think it possible that the Crows were posing some kind of threat to the other birds as I know they will raid nests to steal eggs and chicks but many of our local birds nest deep within an extremely large conifer tree. I am now becoming more and more concerned that they are indeed having a major impact on the lives of our local birds.

The true extent of the power and danger to young birds posed by the Crows was shown last night on Springwatch. A single Carrion Crow took a Cygnet from between the 2 fully grown parent swans. This young chick though only a few days old was alive and well and in size was larger that our fully grown Blackbirds.

This I think emphasised to me the fact that our young Blackbirds, Starlings, Sparrows and Tits will be very vulnerable to attacks by the crows that have taken up residence in our neighbourhood.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Babies in the Garden

Following my last post about the Crows, I did begin to wonder if their prescence did actually have some sinister consequences, namely the lack of young birds. Very few babies of the feathered variety had been seen in my garden.

There was the flurry of young House Sparrows, but no sign of fledgling Starlings, Blackbirds or Robins which we would normally have seen by now. But fear not, things have changed for the better this past week.

Lots more young House Sparrows have been flying in and out, playing hide and seek in the Pear tree, the Apple tree and the Bamboo. But also we have seen just a few recently fledged Starlings, no where near as many as last year, when there was a Starling population explosion here. There have also been a few brief sightings of a young Blackbird, always good to see.

To round off the week, Mrs Pecker saw this morning, a brood of Great Tits, newly fledged and feeding with the help of their parents in our garden. Unfortunately I was not around at the time and so missed getting a look at them. Hopefully they will soon return.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Crows Around my Garden

A trio of Crows have recently decided to make a home of our neighbourhood. For some weeks now I have seen them every day, usually on the rooftops of the surrounding houses but also coming down to our garage roof to feed on the soaked bread we put there. Despite being large powerful birds they always seem to be rather skittish and nervous, flying off at the slightest noise or movement.

Why these three characters have decided to stay here, I have no idea. Perhaps they are siblings who have been driven away from the area where they were raised, young birds having to find new territories to occupy. Crows do not live in large social groups so the youngsters will spread their wings, whether forced to go by the parents or following an instinct to search out new habitat.

At times these local Crows of ours are rather comical and I must admit that I enjoy watching them. They hop about across the roof tops and appear to be simply clowning around, having fun. The other evening I watched one of these black comics as it mimicked a Pigeon courting display. The crow was making all the moves of a male pigeon displaying to a female including fanning it's tail, bowing it's head and dancing around, all this in front of a Wood Pigeon. Was it having an identity crisis? or was it just having fun.

Although I have enjoyed these Crows being around here I do wonder if they are here because of the local nesting birds, egg and chicks go down very nicely for a Crow type snack. I prefer to think though that they hang around because they like the chips from the chippie 'round the corner.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Baby Birds in My Garden | House Sparrows

Seems like it's Baby Bird time in the garden again, there have been quite a number of fledgling House Sparrows around during the weekend. Male and Females of the species were very conscientiously feeding individuals amongst the foliage of the Pear tree.

Monday seemed to be play school day, the youngsters were having fun like they were in the kindergarten, flying together in groups and I'm sure they were playing games. Tick, hide and seek, Simon Sparrow says, they all joined in and were having fun.

Today has seen rather a lot of rain and I have not seen much evidence of them. Having said that, I have not spent much time looking out over the garden at the rear, so they may have been around.

Although the House Sparrows may not be bright colourful birds, I still love to see them in my garden, the youngster are a particular pleasure to watch and can be so entertaining.

Looking at a post from 20th May last year - Starlings and House Sparrows - I wrote that we had a multitude of young House Sparrows and newly fledged Starlings in the garden. Although I have witnessed Starlings going in and out of Ron's roof space (a favourite nest site) I have yet to see any young Starlings around.