Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Cute Fledgling House Sparrow

His dad led him to the safety of the Holly bush, and told him to stay there where he would be safe. such a cute little fledgling House Sparrow.

He kept watching out for his dad in the hope that he would soon return.

You can see from the yellow at the base of it's beak that this youngster has not been long from the nest.

After sitting in the sun and preening ones self, there is nothing quite like a good scratch.


  1. We have just been enjoying watching a young house sparrow being fed by it's dad too. The dad was dwarfed by the young bird, which was all fluffed up and not as exercised as it's dad yet.

  2. Cute series! We are getting gobs of fledgling House Sparrows at the feeder right now. They are so cute.

  3. I love this series of images. I mentioned in a comment at my blog, that I always appreciate benevolent perspectives on House Sparrows, since they're not always thought of so fondly here in the States. I love them myself. I'm an equal-opportunity animal patron.

  4. We are nearly overrun with Chipping, Song sparrow, RB nuthatch and Chickadee fledglings, too. The din of their cheeping is almost too much! Nice blog.