Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Crows Around my Garden

A trio of Crows have recently decided to make a home of our neighbourhood. For some weeks now I have seen them every day, usually on the rooftops of the surrounding houses but also coming down to our garage roof to feed on the soaked bread we put there. Despite being large powerful birds they always seem to be rather skittish and nervous, flying off at the slightest noise or movement.

Why these three characters have decided to stay here, I have no idea. Perhaps they are siblings who have been driven away from the area where they were raised, young birds having to find new territories to occupy. Crows do not live in large social groups so the youngsters will spread their wings, whether forced to go by the parents or following an instinct to search out new habitat.

At times these local Crows of ours are rather comical and I must admit that I enjoy watching them. They hop about across the roof tops and appear to be simply clowning around, having fun. The other evening I watched one of these black comics as it mimicked a Pigeon courting display. The crow was making all the moves of a male pigeon displaying to a female including fanning it's tail, bowing it's head and dancing around, all this in front of a Wood Pigeon. Was it having an identity crisis? or was it just having fun.

Although I have enjoyed these Crows being around here I do wonder if they are here because of the local nesting birds, egg and chicks go down very nicely for a Crow type snack. I prefer to think though that they hang around because they like the chips from the chippie 'round the corner.

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