Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crows are a Threat to My Garden Birds

I have been deliberating lately as to whether the Crows (see recent posts) are actually a significant threat to my garden birds, especially the youngsters.

The trio of Crows (The Crows Around my Garden) became four and have then been joined off and on by other itinerant individuals. I mentioned before how I found them amusing and enjoyed watching their antics and comic displays but began to be worried by the lack of baby birds appearing in the garden.

 I did think it possible that the Crows were posing some kind of threat to the other birds as I know they will raid nests to steal eggs and chicks but many of our local birds nest deep within an extremely large conifer tree. I am now becoming more and more concerned that they are indeed having a major impact on the lives of our local birds.

The true extent of the power and danger to young birds posed by the Crows was shown last night on Springwatch. A single Carrion Crow took a Cygnet from between the 2 fully grown parent swans. This young chick though only a few days old was alive and well and in size was larger that our fully grown Blackbirds.

This I think emphasised to me the fact that our young Blackbirds, Starlings, Sparrows and Tits will be very vulnerable to attacks by the crows that have taken up residence in our neighbourhood.

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