Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Baby Birds in My Garden | House Sparrows

Seems like it's Baby Bird time in the garden again, there have been quite a number of fledgling House Sparrows around during the weekend. Male and Females of the species were very conscientiously feeding individuals amongst the foliage of the Pear tree.

Monday seemed to be play school day, the youngsters were having fun like they were in the kindergarten, flying together in groups and I'm sure they were playing games. Tick, hide and seek, Simon Sparrow says, they all joined in and were having fun.

Today has seen rather a lot of rain and I have not seen much evidence of them. Having said that, I have not spent much time looking out over the garden at the rear, so they may have been around.

Although the House Sparrows may not be bright colourful birds, I still love to see them in my garden, the youngster are a particular pleasure to watch and can be so entertaining.

Looking at a post from 20th May last year - Starlings and House Sparrows - I wrote that we had a multitude of young House Sparrows and newly fledged Starlings in the garden. Although I have witnessed Starlings going in and out of Ron's roof space (a favourite nest site) I have yet to see any young Starlings around.

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