Saturday, June 12, 2010

Babies in the Garden

Following my last post about the Crows, I did begin to wonder if their prescence did actually have some sinister consequences, namely the lack of young birds. Very few babies of the feathered variety had been seen in my garden.

There was the flurry of young House Sparrows, but no sign of fledgling Starlings, Blackbirds or Robins which we would normally have seen by now. But fear not, things have changed for the better this past week.

Lots more young House Sparrows have been flying in and out, playing hide and seek in the Pear tree, the Apple tree and the Bamboo. But also we have seen just a few recently fledged Starlings, no where near as many as last year, when there was a Starling population explosion here. There have also been a few brief sightings of a young Blackbird, always good to see.

To round off the week, Mrs Pecker saw this morning, a brood of Great Tits, newly fledged and feeding with the help of their parents in our garden. Unfortunately I was not around at the time and so missed getting a look at them. Hopefully they will soon return.


  1. We still seem to be getting new young families arriving at our feeders too, I am currently watching yet another group of blue tits eagerly being fed, I could go mad with my camera but I have already taken far too many this year and through the window isn't ideal, I will have to be more prepared next year!

  2. Thanks for the comment Angela, good to know you have been witnessing many young birds in your garden.
    There is a very significant difference in the numbers we are seeing this year compared to previous years, not absolutely sure why but about to write another post regarding the Crows.