Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Fieldfare | a bird new to my Garden

It is always exciting to spot a bird that you have not seen before. Today I saw a Fieldfare, a species of bird new to my Garden. And not just one, but upwards of 25 in total, they have been around for most of the day. I did not identify them as being Fieldfares when first seen this morning, I merely thought they were Starlings that appeared different because of the way the sun was shining brightly upon them, I only gave them a cursory glance. This afternoon I took notice of them when I could see that these birds still hanging around in the trees were definitely not starlings. I quickly fetched the binoculars and guessed that they were Fieldfares, this was confirmed by looking in the bird book.

Unfortunately they did not actually come into our garden but stayed in and around the neighbouring trees. We spied a few of them looking for berries in Rons Holly bush but there is little left for the Fieldfare, the other birds have eaten them all.

The Fieldfare is a very attractive bird with it's rich chestnut back and wings, grey head and rump, heavily spotted yellow orange breast and black tail and wings. They also have black or dark streaks on the head, with the bins these birds appeared to have a dark streak that went through the eye. when in flight the Fieldfare is also noticeable by the very light underside of the wings and lower part of the breast.

The pictures I am afraid are not of very good quality because I was too far away and at the limit of my zoom.
I say however that I was very pleased indeed to have seen these winter visitors, The Fieldfare, a new bird to my garden.


  1. You are helping to educate me and My Girl. Thank you Trevor xx

  2. Glad to be helping out. My aim is to provide some information about the everyday birds that can be seen in a very average and small garden. I wanted to do this in a practical and I hope entertaining way rather than in a text book manner.

  3. Wow what a beauty of a bird!
    Glad you were able to enjoy them.