Sunday, January 31, 2010

Big Garden Birdwatch 2010 (continued)

I have just submitted my results for the Big Garden Birdwatch for 2010.

I had been planning on doing the count yesterday but Ron was working on the roof of his garage which is located at the rear of our garden. Too much disturbance was going to have an affect on the birds, plus the fact that I did not fancy sitting behind the patio doors with my pen, paper and cup of tea, staring up the garden while Ron was there. It would I presumed appear to him as though I was watching his DIY antics and taking notes. I therefore decided to postpone the count until today.

During the night we had a few falls of snow plus freezing temperatures, so first thing this morning it was a case of thawing out the bird bath then topping up the food supplies for our feathered friends. I then settled down to watch the bird activity for the stated period of one hour.

The severity of the cold weather conditions I am certain were a major factor in the numbers of birds that suddenly appeared enmasse. Remember, the aim of this birdwatch count is to record the highest number of each bird species seen at any one time, not a total of all the birds you see in the hour long period.

My record:
House Sparrow = 15
Starling = 20
Blackbird = 3
Collared Doves = 2
Woodpigeon = 4
Robin = 1
Dunnock = 1
Wren = 1

It is not every day that we see 20 Starlings or 15 House Sparrows converge on the garden at the same time, but I guess that is just the way things happen. No species of tits were seen during the count, they spend much less time in the garden. You have to be there watching out just at the right time to see them. Most tit species have a daily route that they follow in their search for food.


  1. I am enjoying your blog. Different birds and no snow down here in the western cape of South Africa but the basic principle of enjoying the garden birds is the same. I would not want to imagine a world without them.

  2. Thanks for the comment, glad you like the blog. I have not been very active lately but hope to soon start posting again and bring you all more news and tales from My Garden birds.