Sunday, December 6, 2009

This piece continues from yesterdays post where we saw the Blackbird tucking into some meal worms in the garden. During that time he was not alone. Flitting about and watching with interest were a Robin who has become a frequent visitor again and also a Little Wren. A group of House Sparrows were constantly flying in and out but the relative peace was about to be shattered.

The Blackbird continued:
After a short while, the Blackbird who had been chomping away at the Mealworms became aware that he would soon be far from alone. He decided to make his escape.

The young starlings who have been growing up fast were soon to descend, homing in on the food. I do not know how they become aware that the food is there. Have they got a superb sense of smell or do they watch for the activity of the other birds, in this case seeing the Blackbird then deciding to investigate.

Having said that though, the Blackbird always knows when the Mealworms are put out, appearing shortly after on every occasion.

These are the young Starlings that have grown up here this year, now appearing very speckled with their first winter plumage.

They do not yet have the beautiful blue/green sheen of the adult birds but are still a striking bird when you take the time to observe them. They are of course the bully boys of the garden, intimidating other species of birds while fighting and squabbling constantly between themselves.

The Meal worms are all gone and the starlings are now working their way through a selection of suet pellets.

Fed up of waiting on the sidelines and no doubt thinking that if he did not make a move soon all the food would be gone, onto the scene appears a male House Sparrow.

As some of the Starlings begin to loose interest in feeding, one flies away and the others start to play. One practices circus tricks by balancing along this thin stick, calling out to get the attention of his friends.

The brave little Sparrow spies his chance, lining up one of the few remaining suet pellets, then dives in and makes a grab for it.

The Starlings show their displeasure and make a move towards the interloper but the cheeky little fellow manages to make good his escape.

Neither the Robin nor the Little wren got a look in and soon departed.

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