Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Western Australia Birds

As some of my regular visitors may know, I have spent the last month in Western Australia. I thought before I returned to blogging about my garden birds I would show you a few of the birds I saw while I was there.

The Galah

The Galah is easily identified by its rose-pink head, neck and underparts, a paler pink crown, and a grey back, wings and undertail. Galahs are quite common in the areas surrounding Perth and are readily seen though they do spend much of the day sheltering from the heat. As with most of these Parrots they are very noisy, especially when they congregate in flocks to roost together at night.

The Corella

The Corella is easily identified by the fleshy blue eye-ring and pale rose-pink patch between the eye and bill. When in flight a pale yellow colour can be seen on the underwing and under the tail. These Corella's were in the park at Joondalup where they compete with many other species for the food supplied by the numerous visitors. They are accustomed to people and will often feed from your hand. The bird in the top picture is actually standing on my left hand while I took the picture with my right.

Australian Ring-Necked Parrot

The Australian Ring-necked Parrot, often called the 28, is a spectacular bird of many bright colours at least to those of us who are not used to seeing such birds every day. These too are relatively tame in the parks and will eat out of the hands of the people who feed them.

The Kookaburra

This Kookaburra spied on us from the fork of a tree while we had a picnic in Kings Park. It appeared to be a youngster but from the distance I could not get a good enough view to determine if it was a Laughing Kookaburra or a Blue Winged Kookaburra. We saw many more Kookaburra's during our stay and in a various locations.


  1. Lovely pictures, I think that Kookaburra was interested in your sandwich.

  2. Lovely pictures. We have a cockatiel and Budgerigar lol