Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thankyou for the Food

Last night as the light was first starting to fade, the Woodpigeon stood on the edge of the garage roof, looking towards me. I was likewise stood in front of the kitchen sink looking through the window towards the Pigeon. It showed no inclination to fly away but rather seemed to make motions towards the bird feeder in an attempt I am sure to make me realise that the mesh plate used to hold the grain was in fact empty.

I would not normally put out any food at this time of day but  I simply could not refuse. This "Woodie" with ruffled, plumped up feathers to keep warm did not appear to have a full and bulging crop so I took the bag of seed out of the pantry and place two good measures onto the tray.

The expectant bird did not fly off as I went outside but merely retreated from the edge of the roof, then as I returned into the house flew down to begin consuming the food with great appetite. It paused briefly while feeding to look up to see me once more staring from the kitchen window. I am sure I felt this grateful bird say Thankyou.

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