Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Greedy Woodpigeon

This is one of my feathered friends I saw this morning, but he is a rather greedy Woodpigeon.

The mixed bird feed is suitable for a variety of birds, containing all of the popular, favourite seeds.

This mesh tray fixed to the upright metal pole is good during this very wet weather (we seem to have had endless rain here recently) because any rain easily passes through, therefore the food does not get waterlogged.

He seems to be having a check around, making sure he is on his own and will not be disturbed.

Now he tucks in and begins to eat.

And eat

And eat

And eat.

until all the food that was on the tray has been consumed.

This picture was taken around 30 minutes after those appearing above.

But there is more food in the upright feeder. This is reserved for the smaller birds who can manage to perch on the
openings and pop their little beaks inside.

It seems as though I have placed it too close to the tray.

He sure was a Greedy old Woodpigeon.


  1. Porker!! That's a great deal of food consumed. The seagulls round here live on discarded kebab and chips, don't know what the pigeons eat?

    You've caught his colouring and his appetite perfectly x

  2. I love this post - the pictures, the story. Excellent. Brought a smile to my face.

  3. Thanks for the comments, i could hardly believe he managed to shift so much food. I need to rearrange the feeders so the smaller birds can get a look in.