Sunday, November 8, 2009

British Garden Birds

I hoped you liked that previous post where I showed you a few of the birds I encountered during my holiday in Australia. But what of the birds back in my own British Garden?

Well I returned to find that Autumn was well under way with most of the leaves having fallen from the trees. The ground is muddy and strewn with leaf debris and that unmistakable damp autumnal feeling is in the air. And the birds are coming back.

Some blackbirds, missing since the middle of summer have returned. On a number of occasions now I have spied a male happily eating berries from Ron's Holly bush. The House Sparrows and Starlings are still here in relatively good numbers, fighting and squabbling in the trees and on the feeders and the resident Wood Pigeons and Collared Doves are around as always.

I must admit that I have not really spent much time since my return looking out for the birds and have not devoted any time at all to sitting and observing them. I have been pleased however to notice that Blue Tits and Great Tits have been coming into the garden. This morning I stood in front of the kitchen window looking out onto the garden and in a short space of time managed to see all of those birds mentioned above. my thoughts then turned to the Robin.

The Robin is another British Garden bird resident for most of the year which then seems to disappear during the summer months. This year we witnessed young robins and dearly hope that at least some of them have survived. Then as if on cue, he (or indeed she, for the sexes are identical) appeared. Hopping around the garden in that unmistakable way of the robin, pecking here and there, searching for grubs and insects in what is left of the lawn then bobbing into the shelter of the Bamboo plant.

The weather may be cold, damp, often wet and miserable, but the autumn is a great time of year for observing our British garden Birds.

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