Friday, November 27, 2009

Blackbird likes the Holly Berries

Yes I know, that is a picture of a Wood pigeon, yet again. But they are always around and this one was having such a nice rest. I could not resist taking a picture as it posed so nicely.

I have started to gather some pictures of Woodpigeons in an attempt to see if it is possible to identify individual birds by differences in their markings.

As I began to photograph this bird that happens to be one of a pair I am able to recognise when they are together, up popped a blackbird onto the fence at the rear.

A pair of Sparrows were busy feeding on the fat balls.

The Blackbird however made it's way to the Holly bush.
The Blackbirds at the moment show no interest in any of the food we have been putting out. They much prefer eating grubs and worms from the garden, a particular favourite are the berries from off the Holly Bush.


  1. I don't have wood pigeons in my back yard, so I probably find them more interesting and attractive than someone who sees them all the time. But that's the great fun of birds, isn't it?

  2. I received quite a few comments about the Woodpigeons and how much people have enjoyed the pictures.
    Everyday I see Wood pigeons, Starlings and House Sparrows and I take them for granted. I wondered when I first started to blog if anyone would be interested at all in seeing what I regarded as common birds. I have been overwheeled by the response I have recieved.