Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Young Wood Pigeon Pictures

A few days ago this young WoodPigeon visited our garden, making good use of the feeder tray that still held some grains of seed. I managed to capture a few Young Wood Pigeon Pictures before he flew away.

This is the second youngster of this species that we have seen in the garden recently. How many actually survive to this age I do not know though I am sure many perish before attaining this age.
One pair of Wood Pigeons at least, nest each year in the tall conifer behind our garden but I think the nests are usually predated by cats, magpies and maybe even the squirrels. We rarely see young that survive to fledging.

Note that the young birds do not yet have the white markings that is so noticeable on the adult birds, that will come with the next moult.

This last picture is an earlier youngster making a brief appearance on it's own, but was also seen several times with it's parents.

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