Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wood Pigeon | Woodpigeon | Ring Dove

Columba Palumbas to give the true Latin name, identifies the bird referred to variously as the Wood Pigeon, Woodpigeon and occasionally as the Ring Dove.

I had always written this birds name as Woodpigeon, but my spell checker tells me I am wrong to do so. It says I should write it as two words, namely Wood and Pigeon. I looked it up on Wikipedia, the online dictionary, and it too infers that I am incorrect. I do however have some very learned authors on my side as all of my English written bird books, including those published by the RSPB, call the bird Woodpigeon.

Further research showed that a higher number of people enter wood pigeon on Google search, than enter Woodpigeon. I wonder what the birds themselves feel about this inconsistency in their naming.

"Well they always just call me Woody"

"I don't mind being called Wood Pigeon, that's all right by me."

"WOODPIGEON, that is what we are called, always have been, always will be. No question about it, Damn nonsense if you ask me."

"I could not care less. I just wish they had made this bird table bigger."

"I hope someone decides what we are going to be called before I grow up."

And of course I did mention at the beginning that these birds are also sometimes called Ring Doves. I have not actually seen any reference to this name in bird books but I have been aware of this name.

The term Ring Dove derives from the white band clearly displayed around the neck of the adult birds.


  1. What a beautiful Pigeon/Dove..Nice photos!

  2. Very beautiful. The one in the first three photos looks like he's posing for your camera. Nice shots.


  3. The first 3 pictures although looking the same, are actually 3 different pigeons.
    Thanks dAwn and SquirrelQueen for your comments. They are very much appreciated.