Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My garden Birds | The Return

Here we are, half way through September ( the time seems to fly much faster than any bird, where has this year gone) and My Garden Birds are starting The Return as I knew they would.

From late July and throughout August we have very little bird activity in the garden apart from the regular Woodpigeons and Doves. The Blackbirds and Robins are absent for a much longer period than this, seeming to disappear when the young have grown strong and independent.

Now more and more birds are beginning to show again, especially in the early morning and evening. The last few days have been blessed with some good weather offering very pleasant evenings when the Starlings and House Sparrows have been busy in the garden. They seem to flit around playfully before lining the branches of the nearby conifer tree where they now roost.

Early mornings are the time when we are seeing once again the Blue Tits and the Great Tits, delighting us with their acrobatic skills as they hang upside down on the bird feeders, hopping around, and taking turns to peck out seeds and nuts. I would most likely have witnessed much more activity if I had spent more time actually watching the garden but have not had much time to do so lately. Obviously you can not observe the comings and goings of the birds if you do not take the time to look.

I will soon be off to Australia for a few weeks but before I go, I look forward to seeing and enjoying more of My Garden Birds as they make the return to my little plot on the landscape.

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  1. ...our garden birds are returning too. I look forward to when the winter birds return. We always keep watch for the first sighting of a Dark-eyed Junco or a Tree Sparrow! Have fun on your trip!