Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Extraordinary Pigeons

I may have mentioned previously, a pair of Wood Pigeons that I look upon as being Extraordinary Pigeons. Extraordinary in the sense that they seem almost human at times and seem to have more personality than one would associate with the normal Wild Wood Pigeon.

This pair of birds that I often refer to as a couple, have been regular visitors to our garden for over three years and have stayed together all that time. I can recognise these two when they are together by their habits and the way they react to each other, of all the Wood Pigeons that frequent our garden these are the only two that I am able to identify.

The only time their habits changed was in the middle of the summer months when they were nesting in the tall conifer that stands very tall behind our garden. I am certain that one at least of the two youngsters that we saw in the garden was the offspring of this romantic pair.

Romantic Wood Pigeons I hear you declare, well yes indeed, every afternoon or early evening they eat at the feeder, drink at the bird bath then sit together cooing and canoodling, preening and caressing each other, which usually leads on to other things.

I have never before witnessed a pair of birds so inseparable and so loving towards each other, that is why to me they are indeed, Extraordinary Pigeons.

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  1. Great blog entry, great photos, love the censored one lol