Monday, August 3, 2009

Woodpigeon in the Rain

From Saturday 1st August 2009

The heavily laden branches of the Pear tree are bending under the sheer weight of unripe fruit and the downward curvature imparted thus lends a look of sadness to the tree. This mournful expression is all the more apparent by the greyness of the sky and the incessant falling of the rain.

One bunch of the pears accidentally forms a natural cover over a platform on the bird feeder and this is providing some shelter to the Woodpigeon feeding there. He or she as the case may be, shakes away a drop of water that has run down one of the fruits and splashed onto it's head, then resumes feeding on the grain.

What ever the weather the birds must continue to feed. Food provides the energy essential to their survival, providing the internal heat to warm the blood and keep their fragile bodies alive. The last few weeks seem to have been filled with rain and despite the weather forecasts of a bright summer, there is no evidence of any real change happening.

In addition to Woody, now taking a pause from feeding to look around for any signs of danger, the regular birds are making fleeting visits throughout the day. The difference now seems to be that they do not stay around for any longer than is neccessary to feed before flying off again, probably to shelter from the endless rain. They must also spend time attending to their feathers, preening, so as to keep them in perfect condition and waterproof.

The Starlings were here earlier, squabbling and fighting, as they always do, over food on the roof of the garage. Throughout the day a succession of Woodpigeons, Collared doves and the occasional Sparrow have called briefly to feed, but for most of the time the garden is deserted.

The Pigeon now having had his or her fill for the time being, stands briefly on the feeder then with a flap of it's wings is gone. Nothing to watch now but the rain.

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