Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Garden Birds Disappear

During the late summer it seems that the majority of the birds disappear from the garden.

I only see an occasional House Sparrow or Starling instead of the large numbers we had visiting earlier in the year.

No Blue Tits or Great Tits visit the feeders or hang upside down on the fat balls. I do now recall however, having been reminded by writing that last sentence, that I saw two Blue Tits last week, flitting around the pear tree, hopping on and off the feeder but were soon gone.

The faithful pair of Woodpigeons still visit everyday along with one or two collared Doves. These seem to stay close by throughout the year, having I am sure adopted us as their extended family.

Soon the daylight hours will start to get less, the temperatures will drop and the beginnings of Autumn will see the trees and shrubs begin to shed their leaves. This is the period when the birds will start to return.

The pair of Woodpigeons along with one or two collared Doves are the only regular garden visitors we have right now.


  1. Great pics!! I still have the Cardinals, RT Hummingbirds, H. Sparrows, Chickadees, Titmouse, M. Doves in the backyard. We are fortunate to have some MS Kites nearby.

  2. Really love this blog ~ makes me reflect upon Audubon with such very lovely photography and descriptive and rather funny information. =)

  3. Many thanks for your most generous comments. I am so pleased that some one appreciates my blogs and my way of looking at the world.

  4. where has the blue tits gone