Friday, June 5, 2009

Morning in the Garden

Typically this week, most of the bird activity is during the first few hours of the morning. We currently have many many young Starlings, who along with their elders seem to come enmasse for breakfast, smaller groups (but the same birds) will visit throughout the rest of the day.

Young House Sparrows are still around, but not in such numbers as they were before we went away last week. I think this is due to the fact that they soon become self sufficient then break into smaller groups away from their parents who are now busy producing another brood.

I am glad to say that one of the latest brood of Blackbirds is doing well and was seen this morning. I first noticed it being fed by the adult male who then took off and left it to fend for it's self for a while. It soon busied itself grubbing in the dirt, poking and prodding around, turning over sticks etc. It is looking fine and hopefully will continue to thrive. This young Blackbird is from the third brood to have been reared around us. I have not seen any survivors from the previous broods recently but I just hope that some at least have fared well and simply spread their wings. They do normally disappear during the summer months as they grow and mature but we then see some of them return to our garden during the winter when food becomes scarce.

Wood pigeons and Collared Doves continue to visit but again mostly in the early part of the day. There has been more noise and disruption around us lately that I feel has upset the birds to some degree or at least made them more wary. 

There was of course the incident involving the black cat and although I took steps to prevent it from staging an ambush it is still coming around. Also we seem to have more children living around us again (bah humbug) and the recent half term holiday plus the nice weather has certainly pushed up the general noise levels. Add to this the fact that during the daytime workmen are at the house two doors down ripping their rear garden apart and I am getting some work done in our own garden, I do not blame the the birds from staying away. Hopefully some semblance of peace and tranquility will be restored before long.

If you want to see some pictures that I took of the birds this morning, have a look at my twitter-pics here:

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