Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Headless Starlings

"Hey Starl"

"What is it Stan?"

"The chap who lives here is by the window with his camera, looks like he is going to try taking pictures of us."

"Yes, I can see him Stan."

"Lets do that trick Starl, where we make our heads disappear"

"That sounds like a great idea Stan!!"

"That fooled him."

"Sure did Stan!!"


  1. That is a very neat trick, those birds are so clever lol

  2. hee first i thought you used photoshop!
    had to look again and again!

  3. I must admit that the picture was taken quite by accident. I did not realise until I was looking through the pictures of the Starlings, that I had taken this shot where they had both bowed their heads down at the same time.
    Pure luck or pure genius? (luck).