Sunday, June 28, 2009

Baby Birds in the Garden

This past week has seen a flurry of activity in the garden in the form of many more baby birds. This year has been an extraordinarily productive one for our feathered friends around here, or so it seems.

We have numerous newly fledged House Sparrows and Starlings in the garden this week being fed by the adult birds. That unmistakable fluttering of the wings accompanied by those ever open mouths and constant chirping. The recent hot weather also encouraged a whole gang of them to engage in a pool party, sparrows and starlings together, diving off the rocks into the refreshing water of the bird bath. Unfortunately I did not have my camera to hand.

Yesterday I also managed to see the first young Woodpigeon of the year. We do have a number of woodpigeons living permanently around us and one pair started nest building in the tall conifer a long time ago, this is the first fledgling I have seen however this year. The youngster, probably on it's first journey away from the safety of it's nest was being closely attended to by one of it's parents. I then lost sight of them as they made their way further down the gardens.

Since that initial sighting, I have not seen this fledgling again but I was away from the garden for most of the day then in the evening there was much activity in the neighbouring gardens. Hopefully it will manage to evade the perils that lie in wait for it and survive, I wish it well.

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