Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Starlings and House Sparrows

At 5.30 this morning, I looked out of the kitchen window to a scene reminiscent of playtime at the kindergarten. 

It seems that we have more fledgling House Sparrows in the area along with the first Starlings to fledge so far this year. There is so much activity that to count them, either the Sparrows or the Starlings, is impossible. 

The Starlings are all newly fledged, still carrying the fluff on their wings. I would guess that these birds left the nest just this morning or possibly sometime yesterday. 

At the very least there are five young Starlings though I am fairly certain the actual count is higher than that. They will not stay still and keep moving out of my line of vision. One of the interesting facts about Starlings is that they live in social groups and last years young birds will not breed this year. Instead they have a big part to play in the upbringing of this years broods, looking after their welfare and feeding them. 

The Sparrows were simply impossible to count with so many flittering about from place to place.

Although recent national surveys suggest the numbers of both House Sparrows and Starlings to be in decline, they do seem to thrive here. I aim to discuss these birds further in some later posts.

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