Monday, May 4, 2009

Garden Birds | Latest Update

Well last week saw plenty of bird activity in the garden, it seemed to be teeming with the usual residents and some of the less common visitors.

First though an update on the babies. We have confirmed that there are in fact 2 young Blackbirds, both along with the adult male are spending lots of time in our garden. There is an obvious difference in size indicating that they hatched at different times, though are from the same nest. The elder of the two is now quite adept at feeding his or her self, scratching in the dirt, pecking and investigating everything it comes across, but is not too proud to accept offerings from Dad. The youngest still seems to be totally dependent on the adult to find food and to feed it.

Starlings seem to be in abundance as do the House Sparrows. Many newly fledged House Sparrows are around, some being tended by the adults while others are already independent.

The Collared Doves are visiting quite regularly and this week I saw a single young bird, first alone and then in the company of it's (I presume) parents.

Wood Pigeons are frequent visitors as usual, the "afternoon couple" still following their normal routine. There is still some nesting activity taking place in the "High Rise" conifer by Wood Pigeons but why do they not wear coloured markers of some description so that I can identify them.

Also seen this week were a pair of Greenfinches that made a brief appearance plus a pair of Goldfinches that have been seen almost every day, just passing through.

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