Friday, May 8, 2009

Black Cat Bad Luck

For at least one of the birds it was a case of Black Cat Bad Luck in the garden earlier this week. This particular large male Black Cat is relatively new to the area, but is making his mark.

The black cat superstitions of bad luck for those whose path it crosses came true for what was possibly one of the young Blackbirds. The youngest of the 2 juveniles had taken to sitting on the edge of the bird feeding table, a relatively safe position, so we thought. Mrs P however looked out of the window in time to see the scary black cat exiting the bird table with a bird secure in it's evil mouth. It then quickly scrambled over the rear garden fence to escape with it's prize.

Yesterday I did see what had appeared to be the eldest of the young Blackbirds but so far there has been no sign of the younger one. This supports our belief that it was indeed the infant Blackbird that had fallen prey to the feline.

This incident may not be an isolated case, but merely the only one that we happened to witness, I hope that is not the case. One thing for certain is that the cat is returning often now to the scene of it's sport. We chase it off any time that we see it but we need to do more to make the garden safer for the birds.

The first action we have taken is to stop using the bird feeding table, a simple platform commonly used to provide the garden birds with the food that they need, but which in this instance proved to be a death trap for the unsuspecting bird.

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