Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Grey Heron and a Moorhen

It was mid morning yesterday when I heard this tap tap tapping coming from above. I knew it was Mrs Pecker, but I did not realise that she was trying to attract my attention, until that is she went to the top of the stairs and shouted me.

"Come here quick" she cried.

And quick I went, as quick as I can do quick that is. Through the rear bedroom window she pointed out the Grey Heron that was perched on the edge of the roof on one of the houses in Galsworthy Road. This is maybe 50 yards away at right angles to our garden. Mrs Pecker had seen it fly over from the front and alight on the flat roof.

It stood on gangly legs looking down intently at the garden below. Maybe they have a pond, I'm not sure, but something seemed to have attracted it's attention. We often see lone Heron's flying over but this is the first time we have seen one land in close proximity to our garden.

Seeing the Heron has in fact reminded me of another strange or at least unusual visitor we had a few weeks back, again spotted by Mrs P. The bird was a Moorhen, seen first on the patio and then observed to leisurely stroll up the garden.

I would like to point out to any readers of this entry that we live in a 1970's semi on a suburban housing estate with a small garden and no pond.

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